F3L Service Overview:

Our Consultants Values:

  • Polite, approachable, and respectful
  • Promote good health and safety leadership
  • Foster cooperation and collaboration through teamwork with clients
  • Comply with professional Code of Ethics
  • Continually improve and reinforce knowledge and competency through Continuing Professional Development programs
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Why Choose US

What makes us different?

Integrated Solutions

We offer integrated health and safety consultancy and specialist advice. There’s no need to go to multiple providers for multiple requests. We can offer general and technical occupational health and safety support in one efficient, cost-effective package.

We are flexible and don’t limit ourselves to clients with lower risk exposures. We will listen to your challenges and requirements and provide practical, proportionate advice and solutions to ensure the health and safety of your stakeholders and ensure you meet your legal obligations.

Our Services

How we can help you

Occupational Health and Safety Consulting

Occupational Health and Safety Consultant Services to meet your requirements and legal obligations. We are here to help, to provide clear, practical, and proportionate advice to keep your people safe and healthy, protect your assets, the environment and maintain your reputation. Click link for more details.

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Occupational Health and Safety Training

We offer a range of health, safety, social care and business training services to suit your specific requirements.

We offer training in various formats including; Online, Blended, Specialist and Bespoke. Access the F3L training portal at this link for more details.

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Specialist Occupational Health and Safety Advice

We offer specialist and technical advice in other occupational health and safety areas. These include Occupational Hygiene, Occupational Noise, Chemical Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, and examination and testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) and Legionella. Click link for more details.

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