Covid-19 Workplace Review

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We Can Review Your Covid-19 Preparedness

Covid-19 Health and Safety Review

In these extraordinary times during Covid-19 there is an increased focus on the health, safety and well-being of everyone. Employers have a duty to protect their employees and the public, including vulnerable groups from harm.

Risks must be managed accordingly and the basis of this is a suitable, specific risk assessment. All employers should be reviewing and updating their relevant risk assessments to reflect the hazard of Covid-19 and the appropriate mitigation measures for their particular work environment, tasks and potentially exposed groups.

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We Can Review Your Covid-19 Health and Safety Preparedness and your Covid-19 mitigation measures:

Risk assessments and mitigation measures, including:

    • Social distancing procedures
    • Shift planning
    • Vulnerable groups
    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • Provision of correct equipment for work from home


Selection of appropriate personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection (face masks)


Information, instruction and training regarding mitigations, including:

    • Correct use and removal of PPE – face masks and gloves
    • Cleaning, sanitization and maintenance of PPE and work environments
    • Correct ergonomic workstation setup at home